Why is the quality of the materials and design of the metal structures of the paddle tennis courts so important?

materiales estructuras metálicas

Paddle tennis courts, in more than 80% of the time, are installed outdoors (in the open air). The components of the paddle tennis courts (metal structure, artificial turf, tempered glass, lighting, etc…) must be materials resistant to external agents (ultraviolet light, salinity of the environment, wind force, cold and heat, etc…) . Therefore, if you skimp on the quality of these components, it is most likely that in a few months the problems derived from being outdoors will begin to surface.

The typical problems arising from this outdoors are:

  • Oxidation of metallic materials
  • Cracking of plastic materials (neoprene, washers, bushings, etc…)
  • Short circuits in the electrical wiring or inside the led projector
  • Cracking of concrete where the metal structure is fixed
  • Turf discoloration and degradation
  • Vinyl cracking of game nets
  • If the profiles are not well calculated, possible breakage or bending of the same by the wind

These problems, over time, lead to even greater problems such as glass breakage and possible collapse of the metal structure (in addition to the bad image or aesthetics of the paddle tennis court).

In addition to the quality of the materials, their correct installation is very important, as is the design of the metal structure. In other words, if the metal structure is manufactured non-robotically, human error is common, resulting in having to make cuts, drills and modifications on site. These actions result in an acceleration in the presence of the problems explained above.

Taking all this problem into account, Sky Padel has developed and manufactures courts designed in 3D (which ensure the perfect assembly of all metal components), manufactured semi-robotically (avoiding human error in manufacturing) that results in a fast and devoid of error correction actions.

Likewise, the steel used is galvanized and subsequently oven-lacquered (in the RAL color chosen by the client), guaranteeing great anti-rust protection. All the screws are in stainless steel (both the metal structures and those for fixing the crystals) and the materials (artificial grass, LED spotlights, etc…) have CE certification and UV and IP65 protection.

Therefore, the Sky Padel courts guarantee great durability and great aesthetics for many years, as well as the security offered by the calculation of structures with respect to wind resistance and the foundation of the courts.

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