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Pista portable Amsterdam

The freedom to play wherever you want.

Enjoy the freedom to play wherever you want with our portable padel courts. Any model of Sky Padel padel courts can be converted into portable courts thanks to the revolutionary PORTABLE SKY PADEL system. Quick installation in less than 3 days, without the need for a building permit or investment in civil works. We offer a solid and durable structure that withstands wind resistance of up to 18 km/h, allowing both indoor and outdoor installation. When installed outdoors, the entire perimeter metal crown receives a C5 anti-corrosion treatment.

Versatility, durability and strength are key aspects we consider when designing our courts. Our innovative portable system is made up of 2m x 1m plates that easily snap together and rest directly on the ground. The pillars are bolted to each plate, forming a solid and consistent perimeter metal crown. This structure provides stability and strength, allowing for safe and quality play. In addition, our courts have a C5 anti-corrosion treatment, guaranteeing their resistance and durability against the elements.

Our portable courts can be installed both indoors and outdoors in record time, this speed of installation makes them ideal for sporting events, fairs or temporary installations where a quick and efficient solution is required.

One of the great advantages of our portable courts is that they do not require civil works, avoiding bureaucratic procedures and saving time and money in the installation process.

Despite being portable, our courts guarantee strength and durability. The structure is designed to withstand demanding weather conditions and intensive use. With a wind resistance of up to 72 km/h (46 mph), depending on the court model, you can be sure that our courts will remain in excellent condition for a long time.

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