Sky Padel Covers

SkyPadel high-resistance covers are designed exclusively by our engineering department for each project answering the needs of any customers.

Functionality, aesthetics and resistance are the main characteristics and allow to play with natural light, ensuring perfect ventilation and playing with the greatest comfort.

Data sheet

High resistance to inclement weather

Serge Ferrari waterproof and fireproof PVC cover

Modular for 1 or several tracks

Complies with Eurocodes 1, 3 and 9 regulations

Up to 108km/h

Steel pillars 330x125x8mm


Up to 300kg/m2

Fireproof M2

different types of closure

Conforming to Eurocode 1,3 and 9

Anti UV

customizable width

PVC membrane Serge Ferrari 900gr/m2

Galvanized steel anchor plates

adjustable temperature