At Sky Padel, we focus on providing comprehensive solutions to our clients around the world, offering advice and customizing facilities to adapt to the specifications of each project.

We know that each project is unique, and that is why we work in a personalized way with each client, to make sure that the final result meets their expectations and needs.


We have an extensive international experience in advising and selling padel courts, which allows us to provide customized guidance and recommendation for each project, taking into account factors such as weather conditions, the type of terrain and the specific regulations of each country.

We provide a full customer support at all stages, from planning to installing your court, ensuring a 100% satisfied service experience to our customers.


At Sky Padel, our team specialized in construction of concretes for padel courts is involved from the design stage of the project, ensuring the successful execution of the civil work and guaranteeing the quality of the work.


Sky Padel has a fully automated manufacturing plants, adapted to the European and American markets. This allows us to propose our customer tailor made padel courts and meet delivery times in record time.

We ensure we meet the highest standards of quality and safety established in Europe and America, to ensure the satisfaction and trust of our customers at all times


The installation of our courts is extremely simple and takes less than 3 days following a simple assembly manual available in any time. All parts are assembled without cutting, sanding or drilling, avoiding the corrosion treatment of the metal structure from being altered.

Mallas antivibración
Operarios instalando cesped artificial en una pista de pádel


In Sky Padel we have a team of experts at international level that is responsible for the maintenance of our padel courts. This team performs regular inspections and carries out necessary adjustments and repairs on the metal structure, glass and grass, ensuring optimal performance of the courts at all times.

Thanks to the high quality of the materials used in the manufacture of our courts, the guarantees we offer are long lasting. The cost of maintaining our courts is very low


All elements of our courts are specifically protected so that they do not suffer any damage during transport, loading and installation anywhere in the world.

We join the care of the planet with ecological and recyclable packaging.

ecological and recyclable packaging.