Compliance with European regulations on paddle tennis courts

Cumplimiento normativa europea

For 3 years and the expansion of paddle tennis in Europe has ended by asking the companies that manufacture paddle tennis courts not only to comply with the FEP and FIP regulations but also with European construction regulations.

Within these regulations (Eurocodes) there are quite a few variables based on which runway structure calculations are made. The factors to take into account are:

  1. Geographical area (where exactly the padel facility would be located since the land of the various countries is classified according to the wind, rain and snow in that area)
  2. Type of land (whether it is a sea area, a mountain area, an urban or rural area, etc.)
  3. Wind speed (to be defined among several values that appear in the Eurocode)

In this sense, Sky Padel has developed 2 models (Mod. Scenic III and Mod. IronCore III) that comply with the Eurocodes and unfavorable variables (in order to be valid in most EU countries without having to make adaptations(:

  1. Geographical area: the entire European Union
  2. Type of terrain: One of unfavorable characteristics, categorized as Terrain III or IV
  3. Resist a wind less than or equal to 29.5m/sg (106 km/h)

Likewise, the necessary foundation has been calculated for this type of terrain exposed to the wind conditions and architecture of the metallic structure.

Sky Padel, therefore, has developed metal structures that comply with European construction regulations to be installed in more than 80% of the EU territory. In any case, if the client requires it or is required by urban planning, a specific technical project would have to be carried out for the paddle tennis court(s) to be installed on the defined terrain.

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