Sky Padel continues to work on its position as a European benchmark in the construction and installation of paddle tennis courts


Paddle tennis is a widely known sport in Spain and some Latin American countries, but not so long ago Europe discovered the benefits of this sport. Thanks to the work of many professionals, this reality is changing and more and more European clubs are deciding to incorporate paddle tennis into their facilities.

Our commitment to sport dates back to the beginning of the century when the founder of Sky Padel, Javier Izquierdo, was already actively collaborating promoting the growth of paddle tennis. Our strong experience, and a focus on quality and R+D+i, has allowed us to position ourselves today as the European benchmark in the field of paddle tennis court construction and installation. All our tracks also have the Eurocodes distinctive, to guarantee the highest quality to our customers.

Last March we finished the installation of the new courts of the Pacma Sports Club, in Maasik (Belgium), of our Scenic II court. Currently the club has a total of 6 courts (2 of them covered), and annually hosts dozens of competitions and events that is promoting the growth of sport in the city.

In parallel, the installation of the new tracks for the Doordraaiers LTV Club in Houten (The Netherlands) was also completed. On this occasion, the Iron Core III model was selected to complete the club’s facilities.

Our international team is currently attending to customer requirements, and we will return to normal in the coming weeks to continue supporting the growth of this sport that we love so much.

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