Sky Padel interview with CMD Sport Magazine

Entrevista al equipo de Sky Padel

Last January, we had the opportunity to be interviewed by the renowned CMD Sport magazine, where we offered a detailed vision of SkyPadel as a company and the goals set for 2024.

We share an excerpt from the interview:

“SkyPadel has demonstrated its commitment to international decentralization without compromising the high quality standards established from its headquarters. StephaneQuinnez, who not only serves as sales director of SkyPadel Spain but also as CEO of SkyPadel México and co-CEO of SkyPadel India, highlights the importance of maintaining consistency in the quality of its products globally.

The international expansion strategy of SkyPadel, a Spanish manufacturer of premium padel courts, focuses on the establishment of subsidiary companies in collaboration with local partners. Currently, the company has already successfully established SkyPadel Mexico and SkyPadel India, and according to Stéphane Quinnez, co-partner of the company, the creation of subsidiaries in China and Australia is expected within a maximum period of five years.

Since the end of 2022, SkyPadel is also the official manufacturer of Babolat padel courts. Over the course of 2023, SkyPadel and its subsidiaries managed to sell around 400 padel courts, experiencing an impressive 30% increase in turnover compared to the previous year. Surprisingly, only 2% of these sales took place in Spain, while the remaining 98% was distributed mainly between Europe and the Middle East (approximately 70%) and between Mexico and the United States (the remaining 30%).

Quinnez highlights that SkyPadel is located in the premium segment of padel court manufacturing, serving markets with high purchasing power. With a growth projection of between 30% and 35% by 2024, the company is in a strong position to continue its rise.

SkyPadel India is in a privileged position to meet the growing demand in neighboring countries and South Asia. Quinnez anticipates that the Indian factory will be able to supply the company’s current customers in the Middle East.

With a vision towards expansion, two notable markets remain in its sights: China and Australia. Quinnez highlights the enormous potential of China, although he recognizes that paddle tennis has not yet completely taken off in the country. The company’s goal is to establish a subsidiary in China, although the final location could include nearby countries such as Japan or South Korea. Australia is also presented as a strategic market, with SkyPadel planning to establish a subsidiary to cover not only the island, but also other countries such as New Zealand, Indonesia and the Philippines.”

Foto del equipo de Sky Padel

(Photo of the Sky Padel India team, together with Sky Padel managers).

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