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We present one of our latest padel covers, where four courts become the epicenter of innovation, challenging both the less experienced and top players. With an imposing curved structure that fuses aesthetics and resistance, this cover specifically designed by Sky Padel for playing padel, is undoubtedly the best and secure you can find on the market.

Our cover incorporates sandwich panels that respond effectively to the most demanding climatic conditions. With a height of 10 meters, a front opening of 25 meters and a length of 47 meters, it can be installed in areas subject to winds of up to 108 km/h and offers a snow resistance of up to 30 Kg/m2, 50 Kg/m2 and 100 Kg/m2, rigorously complying with the Eurocodes.

The Serge Ferrari pre-stressed PVC membrane, in a dazzling translucent white 900 g/m2, is the heart of this installation. Featuring the best Anti-UV and M2 fire-retardant materials, backed by a 5-year warranty, this membrane not only offers exceptional protection but also floods the courts with a soft and pleasant light. It is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

In Sky Padel, customization is key. Adding a 2-meter high perimeter closing or closing completely the front and back, including gables, the control is in your hands. We incorporate the possibility of an additional 6-meter high perimeter closure with translucent or transparent membrane, as well as the integration of access doors for a comfortable and accessible entrance. We offer the option of exclusive customization, allowing you to add custom logos and colors to the membrane.

Efficient resource management is also our priority, so there is the option of implementing a water channeling system to ensure optimal performance at all times. In addition, for those intense days of play, we offer the possibility of a double opaque membrane to reduce heat and keep you always at your best.

The Sky Padel cover does not know beyond limits, it is totally safe, 100% adaptable and responds to the needs of the most demanding clients.


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