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GNP Mexico

After the cancellation of the Mexico Major Premier in Acapulco due to Hurricane Otis, we now have the new official date for the tournament.

The Major Premier, originally scheduled for the week of November 27 to December 3 at the GNP Arena in Acapulco, promised to be the final touch of 2023. But it had to be postponed due to the serious consequences caused by the passage of the hurricane Otis, with significant structural damage to the city and tragic human losses.

The rescheduling of the tournament has been set to take place from March 18 to 24, 2024.

GNP Mexico

We are proud to highlight that, as official suppliers of the GNP México Major Premier Padel, at SkyPadel we will provide our best courts to resist the gusts of wind so common in the city.

The tournament will have 6 of our Full Panoramic courts, providing total 360º visibility in the matches, perfect for the most demanding tournaments. Our courts have been present in the PPL (Pro Padel League USA) and the WPT Human Open France and Amsterdam Open 2023 and now, it will be the turn of the long-awaited GNP Mexico Major Premier Padel.

Fabricante oficial del Mexico Major Premier Padel Acapulo

One of the most appreciated features of the Full Panoramic court for players is that it has a playing surface that offers excellent traction and consistent ball bounce, allowing players to show their best performance. Made with top quality materials, in accordance with the regulations of the Spanish Paddle Federation and 100% in accordance with the requirements of the F.I.P, it is the perfect choice that adapts and resists any weather circumstance.

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