The Full Panoramic Sky Padel courts at the GNP Premier Padel Acapulco

GNP Premier Padel Acapulco

During the exciting week of March 18 to 24, padel fans gathered in Mexico to witness the GNP Premier Padel Acapulco, considered the most outstanding tournament on the American continent.

In this tournament, the best players in the world competed on the six Full Panoramic courts supplied and installed by SkyPadel on existing tennis courts, so it had to appeal to its portable system to guarantee the necessary stability, without compromising the integrity of the ground or the game quality.

The high temperatures challenged both players and organizers, demanding quick adaptation and special precautionary measures. The extreme heat not only tested the physical endurance of the professionals, but also influenced the dynamics of the game; However, despite the weather conditions, the tournament was a spectacle of skill and endurance.

In the men’s team, Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia were the undisputed champions, consolidating their position as one of the most formidable teams on the international circuit. With their victory, they paid tribute to their technical ability, demonstrating that they are capable of overcoming any challenge that is presented to them on the court.

Meanwhile, in the women’s competition, surprise and emotion were present until the last minute. Jessica Castelló and Claudia Jensen achieved a historic achievement by defeating more renowned rivals, demonstrating that in the world of padel, determination and talent can exceed all expectations.

What made Sky Padel’s Full Panoramic courts the best choice for an event of this magnitude?


The answer lies in its high wind resistance, its ease of installation and its unbetable performance, being the preference for numerous highly demanding tournaments. SkyPadel’s Full Panoramic is the Full Panoramic court that offers the greatest wind resistance, which makes it the ideal choice for outdoor events of this caliber.

It should also be noted that its ease of installation allows deployment in less than 2 days per track, a key time in this type of events in which the installation-uninstallation time is very restricted.

The Full Panoramic court provides complete visibility without compromising the safety and resistance that characterize the most robust structures. With an anti-corrosion metal structure and 12 mm Securit approved glass, they guarantee durability and safety in every match.

On the other hand, the Mondo Supercourt grass offers an optimal playing surface, allowing players to give their best at every point, regardless of weather conditions.

This combination of quality, resistance and performance makes Sky Padel courts the preferred choice for both professional players and organizers of high-level padel tournaments.

GNP Premier Padel Acapulco

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