Sky Padel: The Official Court Manufacturer of the Pro Padel League

PPL torneo pádel

At Sky Padel, we are proud to have been selected by the Pro Padel League (PPL) as the official padel court manufacturer. This strategic alliance has brought the quality and excellence in padel court construction to a new level.

Sky Padel, recognised worldwide for its experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of padel courts, has been chosen by the PPL to ensure that the league’s elite players compete in the best possible conditions. The quality of the courts is a key factor in ensuring fair and exciting play, and Sky Padel more than meets this requirement.

Our brand is distinguished by its commitment to innovation and durability of its products. Using high quality materials and state-of-the-art construction techniques, Sky Padel creates padel courts that meet the highest industry standards. The playing surface provides excellent traction and consistent ball bounce, allowing players to show their best performance.

In addition to technical quality, Sky Padel also stands out for its commitment to the aesthetic design of the courts. Their sleek, modern designs create an attractive and professional environment that contributes to the unique professional environment that contributes to the unique experience of PPL players and spectators.

The selection of Sky Padel as the official court manufacturer of the PPL reinforces the league’s commitment to excellence and quality in all aspects of the game. The partnership between the two parties ensures that players will enjoy a world-class competitive experience,  while spectators can admire the beauty and functionality of the courts.

With Sky Padel as a partner, the Pro Padel League is demonstrating its dedication to promoting padel as an exciting, high-level sport in the United States. Through this partnership, players in the league have the opportunity to compete on world-class courts, helping to raise the standard of padel in the country and further cement the growth and popularity of the sport in the American sporting community.


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