Sky Padel is committed to the Indian market with the opening of its subsidiary, Sky Padel India, located in Mumbai.

Pista Sky Padel India

After 9 months since the opening of Sky Padel America in Mexico, the subsidiary in charge of the development of padel in the United States and Central America, the Spanish company, leader in the sector in the manufacture of high quality padel courts, takes a step further by expanding its presence worldwide to four of the six continents.

Sky Padel India will manufacture its premium courts locally with the aim of offering customers located in the Indian subcontinent and Middle East, the same level of quality as in the rest of the world at a competitive price.

India, with a population of over 1.4 billion, stands out as one of the most promising Asian countries in terms of potential growth. Through this new subsidiary in Mumbai, Sky Padel not only seeks to consolidate its position in India, where it has already installed several courts, but also to expand its presence throughout Asia, bringing the courts manufactured in India to various countries in the Asian region.

This strategic move responds to the growing demand in the market and India’s unique position as a key player in the padel scene. Local manufacturing of the courts not only ensures to customers access to Sky Padel’s internationally recognised quality, but also contributes to local economic development and employment generation in the Mumbai region.

Experts estimate that the emerging padel business in India, which currently has 25,000 tennis courts and ranks third in Asia in the number of padel courts behind China and Japan, will experience significant growth over the next 15 years, with an additional 12,000 padel courts projected to be installed. The growing popularity of padel in these two Asian countries has paved the way for its adoption in India.

Sky Padel’s objective in India is to lead the future growth of high quality padel courts first in India and the Middle East and then expand this leadership in the rest of the Asian countries, thus boosting the sport in this part of the world.


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