Sky padel: innovation, quality and excellence at the wpt human padel open in Toulouse

During the WPT Human Padel Open in Toulouse, France, from June 12 to 18, we have installed three amazing Full Panoramic courts. These portable courts are temporarily installed on a wooden base specially designed for the tournament.

What are the advantages of our Sky Padel portable solutions? Here are a few highlights:


 ✔️Fast installation in less than 3 days: Our performed team can assemble these courts in a blink of an eye, ensuring they are ready for the exciting tournament in record time.

✔️ ️Without building special permission: Our portable courts no need civil works and special permission, simplifying the installation process and saving time.

✔️Without civil works investment: By using our portable solutions, there is no need to invest in costly civil works. This not only reduces costs, but also provides flexibility to install the courts in different locations according to the needs of the tournament.

✔️Robust and durable structure: Our portable courts are designed with a robust and resistant structure that can withstand winds of up to 18 km/h (11 mph). We guarantee the safety and stability of the courts so that players can enjoy a game without worry.

✔️Versatility of installation: Our portable courts can be installed both, indoors and outdoors, giving you more flexibility to choose the tournament location. Whatever the environment, our courts will adapt perfectly to provide the best playing experience.

✔️Treatment anti-corrosion: In outdoors installation, the entire perimeter metal crown of our courts receives a C5 anti-corrosion treatment. This guarantees its durability and resistance to the elements, maintaining the quality of the game throughout the tournament.

The company PV Events was in charge of the installation of the basic parquet on our courts, ensuring a perfect ball bounce and an exceptional playing surface for all participants.

At Sky Padel, we pride ourselves on providing innovative and high quality solutions for top level padel events. We are committed to excellence and hope that all players and spectators will enjoy an unforgettable experience at the WPT Human Padel Open in Toulouse.

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