Scenic III Court: The only 100% panoramic padel court that defies hurricanes.

The Scenic III, is the only 100% panoramic padel court that defies hurricanes. It is especially suitable for markets such as the United States (especially the Florida area), where hurricanes are a constant concern. It is also an excellent choice for countries located in the Caribbean, such as Mexico, where tropical storms and strong winds are common. In addition, its ability to withstand demanding weather conditions makes it an attractive option for locations such as Australia, Japan, the Philippines and other countries facing adverse weather and high winds.

In addition, the Scenic III court keeps its panoramic design, making it unique in the market. Unlike other courts, it does not sacrifice design and visual experience to ensure resistance to hurricane winds. This makes it an ideal choice for customers seeking a combination of panoramic beauty and safety in areas prone to adverse weather.

SCENIC III, our most exclusive and safest court in the world, is designed to withstand hurricane-force winds of over 260 km/h (163 mph). We have created a court, defying the extreme conditions of force 12 winds, so you can keep your courts without worries even in the most difficult moments.

Our  Scenic III  court  has been strengthened in all its metal structures, especially in the glass area, where the sail effect tests the resistance of any construction. Here, we have implemented several improvements to ensure your safety and the integrity of the court.

Compared to a conventional panoramic court, Scenic III has unique features that make the difference:

✔️A steel top beam, located above the glass, which has been dimensioned four times. This robust beam provides additional strength and protection against hurricane-force winds.

✔️Our corner posts, combined with huge anchor plates, essential for maintaining the stability of the structure, are three times wider than conventional ones. These reinforced pillars provide exceptional strength and increased safety.

✔️We have installed anchor plates at the corners of the court, which are four times wider than those used on standard panoramic courts. These anchor plates reinforce the fixation and ensure greater resistance to the wind.

✔️The anchor bolts we use are twice as thick as conventional ones, guaranteeing optimal fastening and unrivalled strength. These bolts, designed to withstand the most adverse conditions, ensure that the structure remains firm during the most powerful hurricanes.

✔️Finally, we have increased the thickness of the metal structure by 100%, from 2mm to 4mm, providing exceptional strength to the Scenic III  court. This substantial improvement in the structure ensures greater durability and safety for you and all players.


In short, the   Scenic III  court is unique in the market. Not only does it offer a stunning panoramic design, but it also meets the highest standards of hurricane resistance. Our court is able to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 262 km/h (163mph), giving you the peace of mind to keep your court in the worst weather conditions.



Contact us and discover the incomparable experience of playing on the  Scenic III court ! Enjoy the panoramic beauty without giving up the safety and confidence that we provide.

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