“Padel: The booming sport that conquers the hearts of the United States thanks to the PPL”

Pro padel league

The Pro Padel League (PPL) is a professional padel league that has become a benchmark in the world of sport. Padel is a sport that combines elements of tennis and squash and is played on an enclosed court surrounded by glass walls.

The PPL was created with the aim of promoting and developing paddle tennis at a professional level in the United States. The league features an exciting competition format, in which teams compete against each other to win the championship. The best paddle players in the world participate in the league, ensuring a high level of play and exciting matches.

Paddle tennis has experienced a significant growth in popularity in recent years in the United States, which has contributed to it becoming the most popular sport in the country. Some of the reasons why paddle tennis has gained popularity in the United States include:

  1. Accessibility: Padel is a sport that is well suited to players of different skill levels. It does not require great physical skill and the rules are relatively easy to learn. In addition, it can be played in pairs, which makes it a fun and social sport.
  2. Social aspect: Padel is a sport played in pairs, which encourages social interaction and fun between players. Many clubs and sports centres in the United States have built paddle courts and organise events and tournaments to promote community and camaraderie.
  3. Lower physical impact: Unlike other sports such as tennis or football, paddle tennis has a lower physical impact on the joints and the body in general. This makes it appealing to people of all ages, including those looking for a less demanding but equally entertaining physical activity.
  4. Media promotion: Media coverage of padel has increased in recent years, with television broadcasts and online streams of major events. This has contributed to more people knowing about the sport and becoming interested in playing it.
  5. Global aspect: Padel is popular in many Spanish-speaking countries, especially in Spain and Argentina. Due to the growing Hispanic community in the United States, padel has found fertile ground for its expansion and development in the country.

The Pro Padel League (PPL) began its inaugural season in Tampa on 13 May. The league has seven teams competing against each other. The exciting competition will culminate with the PPL CUP on June 10-11, where the league champion will be determined. Each team will consist of two male and two female players and will follow the international scoring format.

Paddle tennis is a sport that has more than 25 million players worldwide and is experiencing a growth in popularity in the United States. The number of padel courts is expected to double this year, demonstrating the growing interest in the sport. In addition, it is projected that by 2030, more than 8 million players will enjoy paddle tennis in the United States.

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