Padel court manufacturing process: from idea to reality

Pista de pádel

At Sky Padel, excellence is our standard. Our padel courts are designed with cutting-edge technology and manufactured to the highest quality standards. But really, what sets us apart?

Revolutionary design and construction

Our courts are the result of a unique design process, using 3D construction software and robotic manufacturing. Each piece is assembled with millimeter precision, ensuring flawless assembly without the need for drilling, sanding or cutting. The result is simply perfect from the first moment.

Certified quality

Sky Padel courts comply with all Eurocode regulations and are subject to a complete structural calculation. With each track, we deliver a certificate that guarantees its quality and safety.

Top quality materials

We use only the highest quality European materials for the construction of our courts. From a robust metal frame with a 10-year warranty to the toughest turf that lasts up to 6 years, each component is designed for optimal performance and long life.

Commitment to sustainability

At Sky Padel, we are committed to the environment. We manufacture our tracks with 90% high-quality recycled steel, thus supporting sustainability and reducing our impact on the planet. In addition, we have invested resources in developing sustainable, safe and unbreakable packaging, ensuring that our tracks arrive in perfect condition at their destination.

Transparent prices

The total cost of a padel court can fluctuate depending on various factors, type of court, options, location and installation costs. As an estimate, our courts usually have a starting price of €23,000, offering excellent value for money for our clients.


At Sky Padel, we not only build padel courts, we create unmatched gaming experiences. Discover innovation, quality and commitment to sustainability in each of our courts.


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