New installation of Sky Padel at La Masó Sports Club


New installation of Sky Padel at La Masó Sports Club: Court Babolat Full Panoramic for a VIP padel in Madrid

In the heart of Madrid, there is a dream place for padel lovers: La Masó Sports Club. This exclusive club, in addition to being the headquarters of Babolat Padel in Spain, has taken a bold step by installing the spectacular Babolat Full Panoramic court, by the hand of Sky Padel.

In this blog post, we’ll explore in detail how this court is transforming the playing experience for club members and tournament enthusiasts alike.

Club La Masó: A Padel Haven

At Club La Masó, the passion for padel never knows any limits, as the club opens its doors 365 days a year.. With 8 indoor and 7 outdoor courts, there is never a shortage of opportunities to enjoy the sport you love. This makes the club an ideal destination for players of all levels, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.

The Babolat Full Panoramic Court: A game changer

What really sets Club La Masó apart is the installation of the Babolat Full Panoramic court, made possible by Sky Padel. This court is a game changer in every way, designed to offer a unique and immersive experience.

The Full Panoramic court features Babolat’s iconic colors and a minimalist structure that maximizes visibility. Its innovative design ensures that every match, every point and every spectacular shot is witnessed in all its glory by players and spectators alike. This court is not just a court; it is a stage for the most exciting moments in padel.

Uncompromising safety and durability

Safety is paramount in padel, and the Full Panorámica court makes no concessions in this regard. It features a corrosion-resistant metal structure and 12mm Security-approved glass, ensuring durability and safety on a par with a high-level indoor facility. No matter how intense the game gets, you can rely on the Babolat Full Panoramic court can be relied on to hold its own.

Mondo Supercourt Turf in Blue: Perfection under your feet

Under your feet, you will enjoy the excellence of Mondo Supercourt turf in its dazzling blue variant. This surface not only provides optimal playability but also enhances the visual appearance of the court. Illuminated by advanced LedNix technology, with three lighting options to choose from, it minimizes glare and maximizes visibility, even during night matches.

Extras that complete the experience

The Full Panoramic court is not just about the court itself, but about the whole experience. It offers additional options such as access gates, walkways, benches, outdoor grass and decks, creating a world-class facility that ensures that players and spectators alike enjoy an experience that is second to none in the world of padel.

As the court is surrounded by buildings, a mesh has been placed around the court to avoid any incidents with balls flying out.

In short, the Babolat Full Panoramic court is the ultimate choice for those looking for a combination of ultra-visibility and exceptional performance at their club or tournament. If you are a club or event organizer, the Babolat Full Panoramic court will make your location the epicenter of padel excellence in your country.

Offering a unique experience to your customers, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey through the highlights of the game.

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