Interview in the newspaper The World of SKY PADEL

Entrevista en el diario El Mundo de Sky Padel

Sky Padel, a manufacturer and installer of paddle tennis courts, bases its growth on international demand and the added value provided by its products and services. We spoke with its CEO and founder, Javier Izquierdo.
What products and services does Sky Padel offer?
Our company offers a wide range of products: paddle tennis courts, tennis courts, soccer fields 3 and 5, covers, decorative grass, etc. as well as constructions and reforms in general (aimed at sports centers). We offer clients a comprehensive service that ranges from the execution of the technical project, license management, construction, etc. until the legalization of the sports facility. We seek customer satisfaction with a turnkey that frees you from all the inconveniences of control and monitoring of the construction of the sports center.

We imagine that there are more manufacturers and installers, what differentiates Sky Padel from the others?
We have always sought excellence in our products and services. Year after year we improve our products to offer customers the highest quality and finishes at competitive prices. On the other hand, few companies can offer a comprehensive service like Sky Padel does. At another point, Sky Padel is one of the few factories and/or installers that operates as a “brand” within the construction of paddle tennis courts.

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