Mantenimineto de pistas

Over time, what was at first a field with a padded turf of 12 mm. long, ends up beeing a carpet with hardly any lawn and presenting extreme hardness on the surface, which not only causes irregularities in the bonce, but can even cause physical damage to joints such asknees and ankles.

Sky Padel, specialist sports floor maintenance, offers a service for the maintenance of artificial grass surfaces with a length up to 20 mm. as are the padel or tennis courts, using a machine to decompress the surface.

This machine cleans the surface of the small residues that are difficult to remove by hand, at the same time decompresses filling and removes dust accumulated in the surface. The combing takes out and releases the load, whereby the surface, once again becomes padded and the joints of the players suffer less, besides minimizing the need for a new filler and significantly extending the life of the lawn.


BUDGETS depending on the number of courts and maintenance periods