Golf: Driving Range and Pitch&Putt


Nowadays lots of Sport Clubs offer a golfing installation to its customers.

Sky Padel has designed driving ranges and pitch & putt that require little space (1000m2) and will delight those users who do not have a golf installation nearby or can not afford to bee a member of a golf club.

Both, the driving range and the pitch & putt area, can be designed specially for each client (depending on the available space and budget).

Generally, Sky Padel has designed a driving range of 12 bays (2 for bunker area prcatice), fully enclosed with a nylon mesh (to keep the ball within the area) and with a very aesthetic look. Furthermore, we supply the ball machine service so clients can be self-sufficient when arriving there.

Moreover, we have also designed a pitch & putt area, using artificial turf, which will enable training or teaching of this type of shots. For this type of installation,a compacted gravel base will be laid upon which the artificial turf (specific for sport) will be installed.

This type of installation barely has any maintenance costs and brings great benefits to the sports facility.