Sky Padel manufacture and install football 3, football 5 and football 7.  The installation includes civil works (surface), artificial turf (different types), lighting (halide or led) and irrigation system.

The construction of a football field is fast. Depending on the size, the building can vary from 1 to 3 weeks .

In the past, sports clubs discarded offering this service due to the large investment that a football field with natural grass meant and subsequent maintenance costs. Nowadays more and more clubs are decided to offer this service because investment in construction has fallen sharply and because the future maintenance costs are not significant.

The new artificial turf has an almost natural appearance, with high durability and the feeling when played uppon almost equal to that of a natural grass field.

We also offer the possibility of covering  football 3 and 5 with a cover system in prestressed canvas.

Do not hesitate to ask for information and / or budget.